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The Saturday Spirit

Not only does Audrey encapsulate class, grace, and beauty, but also the Saturday Spirit.

Waking up on a Saturday, I’m filled with a warm glow of reassurance. Shaking off the remnants of Friday night and starting the day fresh, there are countless possibilities for the day. After all, it’s Saturday! It’s the day when innocent procrastination and blithe meandering are fitting.

Princess Ann captures the Saturday Spirit as she explains that she’d “like to do just whatever I’d like, the whole day long…to sit at a sidewalk café; and look in shop windows; walk in the rain! Have fun, and maybe some excitement. It doesn’t seem much to you, does it?”

Come visit every Saturday for pockets of inspiration, ideas for how to spend your beloved Saturday, and for fun little snippets of what SG has been smitten with and up to this week…

It’s Saturday! What are you waiting for?

Quote from: William Wyler’s 1953 Roman Holiday (Paramount Pictures).

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