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Monkey Business

Sometimes graffiti immediately screams cool street-art, prompting you to grab your phone for a quick snap. Other times, it comes across as a quirky detail you’re glad you noticed on your morning commute. Frank Ape falls in a happy marriage of both categories, with his straight-face expression and iconic scenes he seems to frequently wind up in.

As much as I would love to entertain the possibility that Frank Ape is an actual living creature who spray paints portraits of himself, he is Brandon Sines‘ lovable creation.

On my way to work this summer, I always passed by this double dose of Frank Ape. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

All pictures taken by author.


The Skeletons of the LES


While some keep their skeletons safely tucked away in their closets, others paint them on the very-public walls of the LES. And after a breezy stroll through this neighborhood, it’s clear that Bradley Theodore embraces the latter.

With his uplifting commitment to “paint beauty in an ugly world,” his work can immediately strike a positive chord in many jaded New Yorkers. His vivid skeletal murals include flamboyant renditions of individuals that include:

photo 3
Diana Vreeland, poised with her cigarette holder in hand, on Lafayette between Spring and Prince.

photo 1
Karl Lagerfeld staring into the eyes of Anna Wintour, with their iconic hairstyles intact, at L’asso pizzeria.

photo 4
Nick Wooster sporting a pair of bright yellow kicks at Hotel Chantelle.

photo 2
Terry Richardson at Williamsburg Pizza with his trusty camera in hand.

Check out his Instagram for more snaps of his kaleidoscopic and whimsical work.

All photos taken by author, except for the painting of Coco Chanel and Frieda Kahlo.

The Future is Unwritten


Playing tourist in your own neighborhood is always in style for SG! After all, when you bid your current home adieu, think of all the excruciatingly touristy ventures you missed out on. The allure of tourist attractions can induce eye rolls and snickers from locals, but the appeal endures.

This day in particular, I had a specific location in mind that I’ve been meaning to visit. It wasn’t catching a show at an overcrowded theater, picking out “my” rock in Central Park, or relishing the macaroons at Laduree (all of which I do admittedly do every now and then). Rather, as a fan of The Clash (and, of course, Doc Martens) I had to pay a formal and honorary visit to the Joe Strummer mural in my neighborhood. Situated on the brick wall by Avenue A and East 7th, this graffiti is right by the dive bar Niagara and a destination for any Strummer fan.

As a lip-smacking treat for all of The Clash fans out there and a gateway drug for those unfamiliar with the band, here’s a great live of their “Train in Vain.”

All aboard!