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View From the Top: The Butcher’s Daughter

One of the primary problems with brunch is the lethargic feeling that consumes me after my meal. “Eat less” is a viable solution—but where’s the fun in that?

The Butcher’s Daughter offers the perfect solution to avoid that sluggish feeling after brunch. Their name derives from the notion of a butcher preparing meat. Dubbed the “vegetable slaughter house” on their website, TBD commits to crafting healthy dishes by avidly slicing up fruits and vegetables, just like a butcher will chop up meat.

When I visited earlier this week, we were seated at their sidewalk terrace—perfect for people watching while munching away. TBD is located on Kenmare Street (on the corner of Elizabeth Street), making it prime real estate to check out any shenanigans happening in Nolita. I ordered their Herbed Egg Salad Toast, which was served, appropriately, on a thick wooden cutting board.

Full, but not overstuffed, I left TBD ready for an afternoon full of adventures.

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Photos taken by author.


View From the Top: Ivan Ramen


There are a few things in life that are good year round. Ramen happens to be one of those rarities.

And speaking of pleasant exceptions, Ivan Ramen’s story is one for the books. Ivan Orkin is the mastermind behind the slurp shop–he has a deep affinity for both Japan and cooking. Naturally, this resulted in the culmination of his first restaurant in Tokyo in 2007. Flash forward to 2014 and he has opened two locations in Tokyo and two in New York.

While the LES eatery is their flagship, I visited their Gotham West Market location in Hell’s Kitchen. Sitting at the counter, I got an up-close-and-personal glimpse at how the grubs are prepared. I ordered their Tokyo Shio Ramen, which is their sea salt-flavored noodles. It served up to be a lighter option than the more full-bodied and heavy broths I’m accustomed to. It’s not overly salty and has a mild enough flavor so you’re not reaching for the soy sauce. And since no ramen is complete without the essential garnish (see: eggs), I ordered the protein-packed necessity as an additional topping. The plentiful scallions added a refreshing taste and cool texture. The broth-soaked rye noodles added a chewy finish to the overall dish.

This Slurp Shop delivers a restoring bite after work. But if you’re famished, you should tack on either a small rice bowl or a salad. Or, you know, perhaps another bowl of ramen. After all, ramen is good anytime of year!

For more information, check out their website!

Photo taken by author.

View From the Top: Alice’s Tea Cup

Food looks best when viewed with hungry eyes and in that case, it looks great from any angle. But taking a cue from one of my favorite Instagram accounts, just like your color-coordinated shoes, food also looks amazing when you peer down at it. View From the Topp shows you awe-inspiring shots of shoes matching your outfit matching where you’re standing. My derivative of it exhibits mouth-watering food gazed at from an easily visible bird’s-eye view.

photo 1

Last weekend I finally made the trek to Alice’s Tea Cup Chapter II, an UES favorite, for brunch. It exudes the quirky, yet cute essence from the much-cherished tea party from Alice in Wonderland. My friend and I opted for “The Mad Hatter”–a generous tea service which included scones, sandwiches, and dessert. The fluffy scones, finger sandwiches, and cookies filled both of us up to our rims. Serving everything on three-tiers added that British afternoon tea flair.

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photo 2

If you’re looking for an equally charming and satiating brunch, stop by Alice’s Tea Cup. It’s the perfect alternative to your usual go-to Eggs Benedict spot. Be sure to get there early though since there is often a wait!

All pictures taken by the author.