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Hey You!

Ads on Spotify typically mean it’s time to tune out until the music starts up again. But this time was different. Not only was this song disrupting my tunes, but it was also a song about Mondays. Even so, I couldn’t stop listening to it. Perhaps it was how catchy it was.

Say “hello” to my new morning jam.


A Summer Breeze

And you come to me on a summer breeze, keep me warm in your love, then you softly leave.”

Perhaps one of my favorite cover songs, The Bird and the Bee’s tender rendition of the Bee Gees’ track, “How Deep Is Your Love,” is as heartfelt and affectionate as the original. Delicate and sweet, this melody is perfect for pensive sleepless nights or quiet early mornings. When the song gently ends, you feel like you are waking up from a warm, hazy dream.

Where did the time go?

Never Said


We didn’t come to the group as professional managers. We came as these two guys who had some ideas as filmmakers and we wanted to manage. We never said we knew how to do it.”

—Chris Stamp

In James D. Cooper’s documentary, Lambert & Stamp, he recounts the surprising alliance of two filmmaker hopefuls, Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, who unwittingly became the managers of The Who. Their story is one that manifests a follow your heart and the rest will follow attitude. The two banded together and devised their master plan—to film a documentary about them managing a rock band. However, the two were devoid of industry connections, management experience, and rock music knowledge. But what the two lacked in experience, they compensated for with their ambition to create something cutting edge. Kit and Chris took heed of mod culture and proposed intuitive decisions, such as changing the band name from “The High Numbers” to “The Who,” as the former elicited a mental image of Bingo.

This process, of course, started off and ripened into an offbeat approach to manage a rock band. By not setting up a pre-established process, downfalls are expected, but crafty solutions can arise. And it is in this utter confusion and disorder that hidden gems can surface.

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The Band, Not the Seats


Bleachers. The band name itself should signal the alternative vibes that pulsate throughout all of their tracks.

While the anthem worthy tracks, such as “I Wanna Get Better” and “Rollercoaster,” have been on replay since last year, it’s “Wake Me” that keeps me company during these frigid days. The song steadily slows the tempo and things get quieter. But it’s a very warm song. The perfect companion for my chilly walks.

“Right from the start I knew,
You’d set a fire in me.
And I’d rather be sad with you,
Than anywhere away from you.”

– “Wake Me” (Bleachers)

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