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Summertime Blues

Once August rolls around, it usually means a few things:

a.) My days hanging out on rooftops will soon be limited

b.) Watermelon will start to disappear from menus

c.) Closed-toe footwear will begin to trump strappy sandals

d.) The countdown until school starts up again is on

Or put simply: it’s a critical time to squeeze in as much summertime merriment as humanly possible.


Take note of Chloe Norgaard and toss on your bucket hat, dye your hair a vivid hue, and hit the waters!

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It’s Getting Near Dawn…


Yesterday was the summer solstice–or better known as the longest day of the year. For me, it means more reason to stay outside and photosynthesize. I hope all of you put on some roller skates, grabbed your water guns, or hit a few tennis balls.

After all, the next solstice of 2014 is the winter solstice. The shortest day of the year means more darkness. And probably snow. So more incentive to curl up and stay in your cozy bed.

Seizing the day just got a little easier with a few more hours to carpe diem in the daylight.

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Home, Finally

“Lights that flash in the evening, through a hole in the drapes, I’ll be home when I’m sleeping. I can’t hardly wait.”

-“Can’t Hardly Wait” (The Replacements)

After you’ve been away from wherever you call “home” for a tad too long, you can’t help but long to return. Yet, sometimes, “home” is wherever you rest your head at night. Whether it is a big city like London or Tokyo, or out in a rural small-name town, wherever you end up is your “home.” At least it is, for the moment.

As a frequent traveller, this notion of home is where I lay my head, strikes me. Rather than an outlook for traveling, it seems to me more as an attitude towards life. This assertion carries the connotations that you are complete with yourself and don’t need your house, pets, even family and friends, to define yourself. Instead, you’re at peace with yourself and feel homey wherever your two feet stand and, as you’ve guessed it, wherever you lay your head.

The Future is Unwritten


Playing tourist in your own neighborhood is always in style for SG! After all, when you bid your current home adieu, think of all the excruciatingly touristy ventures you missed out on. The allure of tourist attractions can induce eye rolls and snickers from locals, but the appeal endures.

This day in particular, I had a specific location in mind that I’ve been meaning to visit. It wasn’t catching a show at an overcrowded theater, picking out “my” rock in Central Park, or relishing the macaroons at Laduree (all of which I do admittedly do every now and then). Rather, as a fan of The Clash (and, of course, Doc Martens) I had to pay a formal and honorary visit to the Joe Strummer mural in my neighborhood. Situated on the brick wall by Avenue A and East 7th, this graffiti is right by the dive bar Niagara and a destination for any Strummer fan.

As a lip-smacking treat for all of The Clash fans out there and a gateway drug for those unfamiliar with the band, here’s a great live of their “Train in Vain.”

All aboard!

Miss Holiday Golightly, Travelling

A quick spritz before you're off!

A quick spritz before you’re off!

I noticed that the mailbox belonging to Apt 2 had a name-slot fitted with a curious card. Printed, rather Cartier-formal, it read: Miss Holiday Golightly; and underneath, in the corner, Travelling. It nagged me like a tune: Miss Holiday Golightly, Travelling.

-Breakfast at Tiffany’s

That is what it declares on Miss Golightly’s mailbox. And there is good reason for that.

There’s something about just packing up and leaving. Never letting your roots grow too deep and just picking up your treasured possessions and moving onto the next. Despite the obvious sensible drawbacks, the appeal of never being put in a cage and roaming free resonates with me.

Perhaps we should take advice from those who live life like Holly—living restless for the next adventure.

Maybe it’s just around that time now. It’s the time to explore a new town. Experiment with a new crowd. See what life is like from an angle not yet experienced before.

Whether it’s the tucked-away city that you finally made it out to or the Rio that Holly wandered off to, go where your heart desires. And when you arrive at your awaited location, drop everything and sincerely soak up the life unfolding before your eyes. It may appear as a curious lifestyle to some, but travelling is surefire way of acquiring new takes on life.

Just remember to keep a mirror, a bottle of your favorite perfume, and a tube of lipstick in a timeless shade in your mailbox. They’re great for touch-ups when you’re acting on a whim—you never know when you’ll need to catch that last train.

As you send yourself off to your next journey or have just arrived back to your temporary home, your mailbox will always be there to receive you with open arms. Your mailbox understands. After all, it says on its card, you’re busy “travelling.”

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