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With the temperatures rising, it’s not just the layers of clothes that are coming off. Just as you have stopped wearing your wool coat, maybe your luscious long locks could use some time off. And for those of us who need a little more convincing to finally head to the salon (or just grab a pair of scissors), here’s a tiny collection of the model Kiko Mizuhara.

Bonus: this compilation serves as both hair and outfit inspiration!





Rock ‘n’ roll, sweet and innocent, fun and funky…you’ve chopped off a few inches, but the possibilities are still endless!

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Happy Birthday Audrey!

Happy Birthday to Miss Audrey Hepburn, a beloved actress, fashion icon, and humanitarian. Born in Brussels, Belgium, on May 4, 1929, the aspiring prima ballerina has become one of the most charming and recognized actresses.

We remember Audrey in her first major role in Roman Holiday. A film filled with warmth and laughter, we watch Princess Ann, or Anya “Smitty” Smith (her nickname later on), and her copious hijinks of recklessly riding around in a scooter to ducking out of a rampant melee on a boat. Ending on a bittersweet tone as she returns to her princess life, it is without a doubt that her time with Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) is one Princess Ann will cherish in her heart forever.




And we can’t forget her as sweet Sabrina Fairchild in her black Givenchy dress with the little black bow straps! Another romantic comedy, Audrey’s appeal is unmistakable as both the Larrabee brothers fall for her.



She’s also played the demure bookstore clerk turned model, Jo Stockton in Funny Face. The photo shoots in Paris and the fashion show depicted in this film juxtaposed with Jo’s philosophical leanings add depth and personality to what could’ve just been a film merely showcasing pretty clothes in pretty places.




Audrey has played a plethora of personalities, a few of the popular characters are described above. But we can’t forget where she started from. See below for her small role as the ciggy girl in Laughter in Paradise. While only in two scenes and for only about 35 seconds of screen time, her grace and that je ne sais quoi shine through.

Not the best quality of video, but her huge benign smile and pleasant syrupy voice are still there.

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It’s All in the Fine Details

NYLON is one of my beloved magazines from my high school days and I’ve watched it grow over the years. While religiously reading their blog and the letter from the editor, one thing that has both amused and baffled me was the quirky and obscure phrases typed out along the spines.

Founded in April 1999, this month marks the magazine’s 15th anniversary. In this month’s issue, they explain the origins of the mysterious spine lines.

Some favorites that they explained:

(David Bowie lyrics)

(An editor’s nephew wisely uttered these seemingly contradictory words.)

(If found, please return to their SoHo office.)

NYLON girls and hoarders unite!

NYLON girls and hoarders unite!

To get your healthy dose of the mag, check out here!

What’s Your Best Attribute?


These days, colored hair is everywhere. Underground in the metro, up in the sky in the airplane, or even sitting next to you on a park bench! A soft light purple, an electric bright blue, maybe even a platinum, almost-white silver hue. And for those in the indecisive bunch, there’s always rainbow hair! Chloe Norgaard (model/DJ) falls into the latter category, with her ever-changing rainbow hair. As for her reasoning as to why she chooses to keep her locks colorful, she explains, “it’s like having a painting on my head, one that I get to walk around with instead of hanging on a wall.”

Besides her open-minded and fun outlook on her hair, what draws me most to Chloe is what she cites as her best attribute. Put simply, her special skill is “spreading smiles.”

With her colorful hair and that great big smile, who can resist not breaking into at least a tiny smile upon seeing her?

Fun facts:
1.) Chloe is a natural brunette.
2.) She was a mere first grader when she colored her hair for the first time (with blue spray paint nonetheless).
3.) Her first tattoo was “Penny Lane” on the bottom of her lip.
4.) She has a collaboration with Manic Panic lined up for this fall.
5.) “Boom” is her favorite word and it’s tattooed on her hand.

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For the quotes referenced above and more information, check out here.