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View From the Top: The Butcher’s Daughter

One of the primary problems with brunch is the lethargic feeling that consumes me after my meal. “Eat less” is a viable solution—but where’s the fun in that?

The Butcher’s Daughter offers the perfect solution to avoid that sluggish feeling after brunch. Their name derives from the notion of a butcher preparing meat. Dubbed the “vegetable slaughter house” on their website, TBD commits to crafting healthy dishes by avidly slicing up fruits and vegetables, just like a butcher will chop up meat.

When I visited earlier this week, we were seated at their sidewalk terrace—perfect for people watching while munching away. TBD is located on Kenmare Street (on the corner of Elizabeth Street), making it prime real estate to check out any shenanigans happening in Nolita. I ordered their Herbed Egg Salad Toast, which was served, appropriately, on a thick wooden cutting board.

Full, but not overstuffed, I left TBD ready for an afternoon full of adventures.

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Photos taken by author.